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  • 07-Oct-21

The 5 Biggest Web designing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

As a web designer, you are in the business of creating websites that are not only attractive but also functional. And while beauty is subjective, there are some mistakes that every web designer should avoid when designing their next website. Not only is it unprofessional to make these mistakes, but they can also prevent your website from ranking well in search engines.

Unfortunately, many web designers do not realize that there are common design flaws they should avoid when building their next site. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 common web design mistakes that many designers make and how to fix them.

Are You Making These 5 Common Website Design Mistakes?

If you are a website designer, then you probably have an idea about what makes a good web design. However, just because your website is visually appealing does not mean that it is also user-friendly or search engine friendly.

To help you avoid common mistakes when designing websites, here are the top seven mistakes most designers make and how to fix them:

  • Lack of clear CTAs

One of the most common website design mistakes is not emphasizing the call to action. A good CTA should be clear, concise, and stand out on your site. If you are trying to get users to download an ebook or subscribe for emails, then make it easy for them by including a button that will take them directly where they need to go.

  • Having too many pop-ups

Having too many pop-ups is another website design mistake that can annoy your visitors and decline your conversion rate. Whenever you create a website design, test different pop-up strategies to see which ones are the best for your site. You want to make sure that you have a clear purpose behind each popup and use them sparingly throughout your website design.

  • No presence of analytics to measure your website performance

Another common mistake you are doing for your website design is not having a presence of analytics to measure your website performance. Tracking data can help you understand how much traffic comes from which sources, the keywords that are bringing them in, and what content on your site they're engaging with after arriving at your website design. Thus, you should add analytics in your website design to keep track of the user performance on the website.

  • Failing to meet the key performance indicators (KPI) of your site

Another common mistake you are doing for your website design is failing to meet the key performance indicators (KPI). Focusing on improving these KPIs can help you track if people are scrolling down, clicking on links, or engaging with any other content on your site. If you are unable to meet the KPIs, it is time for a website redesign without any further ado.

  • Unclear theme colors

This is one of the biggest mistakes you are committing when it comes to website design. You should have a clear idea about the theme colors of your site which helps distinguish between different elements on the webpage, such as links and headings. If people fail to identify these different components in an instant, they will bounce off your page even before taking time for reading or exploring further.

These are some common mistakes that you should avoid while designing the website for your client. You cannot afford to move away from the web designing best practices and guidelines when it comes to creating a site. There are certain fundamental principles you should follow for ensuring color schemes, layout and other components on your website blend seamlessly with one another in order to deliver an impressive effect.


In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the five biggest web design mistakes that you can easily avoid. If you’re still feeling unsure about your website and need more help from a professional, give us a call at +91-9718991797 or email us at We have designers on staff that have years of experience in building the website. We can help guide you through the process so that your website will look great and work well for everyone who visits it.